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The two-part surgery India doctors remove seven teeth from infant These are external links and will open in a new window Image caption The surgery was done in two parts Doctors in the western Indian state of Gujarat have successfully extracted seven teeth from a one-month old infant. "The baby is doing fine now," dental surgeon Dr Meet Ramatri, who carried out the operation in August told BBC Hindi's Sushila Singh. He said that the procedure was carried out in two stages. They first extracted four teeth, and then the other three. The baby's teeth were discovered a few days after his birth. His parents took him to a paediatrician when he had difficulty breastfeeding. Upon examining the infant, the paediatrician found white tissue in his mouth and referred the family to Dr Ramatri. "When I examined him, I found that he had seven teeth," Dr Ramatri told BBC Hindi. "Sometimes you see tips (of the teeth) in newborns but they don't grow for a while.

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